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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Talking to computers

I am talking to the computer and it is typing for me.  It is actually amazing.  I just talked into a microphone and it typed what I said.  I’ve been having problems with arm pain.  I haven’t figured out exactly what the problem is.  However, using the computer aggrevates it the most.  By the time I got back from the reunion my arms felt great.  I spent 40 minutes posting something on craig’s list for Steve four days ago and my arm is still recovering.  It has been very frustrating.  I had one doctor tell me that I was middle aged and my body is going to start having problems.  He told me 35 and older is middle aged.  I haven’t seen a hand doctor but I’ve already spent enough money going to doctors and getting stupid answers.  Maybe I'll go in a few months.  In the meantime I’m trying to go easy with my arm and learning to talk to this stupid computer.

The girls are at their dad’s house which today is in Idaho.  In a few days it will be in Utah.  I miss them tremendously and am quite pathetic.  My entire life is wrapped up in the kids and is very empty without them.  I am trying to enjoy myself but for some reason it is difficult.  I spend a lot of time watching TV.  I’ve been teaching myself the guitar and playing for a few minutes every hour or so.  It’s been going better than it ever has before.  I’ve tried to pick up the guitar many times and failed each time.  I’m hoping my arm can handle the strumming.  I’m starting clarinet lessons to night with a kid in my ward.  He’s obsessed with the clarinet and is very excited about teaching his first student –me.  I hope I don’t let him down.  When I was at ISU, the clarinet was the hardest instrument for me to learn.  I’m hoping it goes better this time.  I’m starting a home school band this fall in our co-op.  I'm really excited and hope people sign up.  Another mom who is a flute player will assist me.   With an expert flute player I think I will be able to handle it since I am taking clarinet lessons.  Brass is pretty easy to teach at least, not necessarily to play well, but my skills should be good enough.  Steve will help me with the percussion.

Talking to the computer is exhausting.  I guess the computer will get better at recognizing my commands.  I certainly hope so.  I almost feel like I need a nap.  So far it is so unnatural I hope my sentences are coherent.
I'll try again later.  I really want to write some things we did this year for a record of our family and our home school.


  1. haha I can just imagine you talking to the computer :) Ummm you don't seem middle aged to me? That's an odd thing...35 and older? Nah.

    I'm so excited about you learning guitar! Little by little you'll just be great.

    If it gives you any comfort, the girls are coming over tomorrow night for dinner and games! Or something. Clay and I haven't really thought of anything other than games that would be fun. Aliese was the sweetest thing and said, "You don't have to mess up your diet for us. Dinner can be gluten/sugar free it's fine." Such a sweety. I told her that there are plenty of "normal" things I can make that are still okay for us! I'm really sorry about your arm though. That is really rough. I understand the whole...being limited by your body. So frustrating. I love you SO MUCH. I should call you and see how the diet is going :)

  2. Talking to a computer- that cracks me up. But I'm glad you can because it's nice to get a post! Maybe you should get a blessing if you can't come out of your sad time.

  3. PAHAHAHAH- I am just imagining you talking to your computer and it just cracks me up. haha. And you can tell because your sentences were much simpler- ha. Well I'm so excited to see you! love you!

  4. WEll, what got into you and me this week. I just posted last night! You need to check it out, there are pics of you and Steve. More pics of the reunion coming. I am glad the talking to the computer is working. I hope you can figure out what is going on with your arm someday. I think it is very hard as a mom to figure out how to do things for yourself when you spend so much time on your kids. I always had a hard time with that, and truth be known I still feel more in control of my life when I am doing something for my kids. I think we are eternal moms so it's hard to remember we need to take care of ourselves so we can be good eternal moms. Love you soo much!

  5. I want to be in your band! ;) I can play the triangle.

  6. Middle-aged?!!! AACK! I object. Sorry your arm hurts. Is it the same arm/hand that you were having acupuncture for in college?