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Friday, May 25, 2012


Gracie with Russel from "Up" at Disneyland.  In Disney California they have the "Redwood Creek Challenge" which Gracie has always loved.  We often go there when the other girls are at Grizzly River Run, which Gracie is terrified to go on.  It is full of rock climbing, zip lines, rope climbing, tracking and the like.  Recently they added Russel to the trail and a map with badges to earn.  There were six badges in all and then a final badge at the end.  Gracie worked hard to earn them all and this is her with the final badge.  She was so cute taking it all so seriously.  It took us about an hour.  She is officially a senior Wilderness Explorer.

This is Gracie after her ballet performance in Cinderella.  This was her horse costume.  She also played one of Cinderella's mice.  The mice were turned into horses, so she had two parts.  Her dance teacher is amazing.  She wrote a Cinderella ballet specifically for her classes, giving everyone prominent parts so they were all on stage a lot.  Most of her students are homeschooled and it is a very small studio. Hopefully Anna will do it next year.  She says she wants to.  I've always dreamed of a ballerina for a daughter.  Not a professional, but getting to the level of point, because I think it is so beautiful.  And dancers have so much grace and poise.  Gracie is my last hope.  I've tried with all three, and none of them lasted more than two years in dance.  We'll see with Gracie.

Seriously though, there is nothing in the world like seeing your beautiful daughter in a tutu, on a stage dancing to classical music.  It is precious.  Sigh.  She made me very happy.  She had rehearsals all week, some of them very long (one was 4 hours!), and she did great.  I was very proud of her.

My girls are growing up and it is constantly entertaining.  At Disneyland yesterday, a very cute boy stared at my girls and Olivia(a friend we brought who is also very pretty) for probably 30 minutes while we waited for World of Color.  It took me a while to catch on to how enthralled he was, and when I caught on I asked him where he was from.  He told us San Francisco and asked us where we were from and I told him LA.  Now the second he spoke, all the girls but Gracie turned with all their attention to this beautiful boy.  They had been reading each other's palms and creating hilarious stories about each other's futures.  Immediately Aliese blurted out, "We're unsocialized homeschoolers."  Such a card when she tries.  And  low and behold, he is a homeschooler too.  We talked a little bit and then World of Color started.  He had to run back to his spot.  So evidently he had meandered his way down to check out Olivia and my girls.  He was in 9th grade.  Truly gorgeous.  Borderline celebrity type gorgeous, super nice, and homeschooled.  For the rest of the night Olivia and Aliese talked of Jonathon, searched for him constantly, regretted not asking for his phone number (at least Olivia did, Aliese is not quite to that point yet), and talked about his gorgeousness and perfectness.  Sigh.  She's growing up.  Funny side note, later on in the hulabalu of it all Gracie asked what boy we were talking about.  She met him, was unimpressed evidently, and promptly forgot about him.

School is officially over, though we have made academic and musical goals for the summer, which is only a month here, since they go to their Dad's in July.  Poor Aliese is going to do two classes online this summer to try them out to see if she likes the online learning approach.  If she does, she'll probably do several classes online next year, since she'll officially be in high school.  If not, then I'll be signing her up for some classes and get to run her around everywhere--yippee!  Seriously though, in a year and a half she can be a licensed driver.  We have some good friends who won't let their kids get their driver's license until they are 18!  When she told me that I told her the rule in our house is that if you don't get it when you are 16 I will kick you out!  Of course that is a joke, but early morning seminary starts at 6 AM here, and she starts in August.  I am afraid.  Very afraid, and I hope she will get her license when she is 16.  She is terrified and says she doesn't want to get one.  Yeah, well, whatever.  I need you to have one Aliese!  I promised her she could drive in town for 2 years if she wants before she braves the freeways.  The test isn't on any freeways.  Just in town.  She was very relieved to hear that. 

There is so much more to write.  But I have so many other things to do.  And my hand is tired.  It's been hurting lately.  I'm a little nervous about that.  I'm too young for arthritis aren't I?  Plus it's muscles, not joints.  Bla, bla.

I blogged Amy.  Happy?


  1. I'M happy you blogged! YAY! Okay- this post was so adorable. I love Gracie and her cute ways and I loved the story about the boy at disneyland! haha- it is so crazy and I was SHOCKED when you said aliese can drive in a year and a half- but when I think about it, it's true. So funny, I was DYING to get my license. Maybe she will be in a year. I just love hearing about the girls and I am REALLY not happy to hear about your hand hurting?!?!? I hope that's just a temporary deal. I'm sorry. I love you so much!!!!!!!

  2. I've hand hand pain issues for years. You may have injured it and need to give it time. I've realized this about myself. I'm to the point now where I can feel my wrist straining (it's usually the wrists) and if I stop at that point then I'm fine and can pick up again the next day, whatever I was doing. But if I push it when I feel it straining, then I push it too far and suddenly it ALWAYS HURTS and takes MONTHS to recover. It sucks. I'm just weak there.

    Great post. Don't worry about not getting it all in. You'll be so glad you wrote this down later! People stress too much about missing stuff. Aliese in seminary and highschool? What?!!! Crazy. Boys. Scary. I didn't think Aliese would homeschool in highschool for some reason. I don't know why. I think because I know a lot of people who have homeschooled UNTIL highschool. That's probably why.

    I love Gracie's costume. Sooo pretty. I love that it's white. I wish I could take a ballet class.

  3. Oh my gosh that story about the boy and the girls is HILARIOUS. I can't believe that is happening now! I can believe it, I just can't believe ALiese is that old now! SO cute and funny. AND SO HILARIOUS that gracie was not impressed- ha. thanks for posting. And I love hte pice! love you-

  4. I loved the pictures of little Gracie, and I can't believe she is getting so big. They grow up too fast, and I am so happy that she got her badges, so great. I loved ballet also and it would be wonderful to see one of my great granddaughtes do that dance. I laughed so hard at the boy story, really a kick. Girls growing up are so cute and wonderful. I am glad Aleise isn't so forward to ask for a phone number yet, still lots of time for that. Don't get too comfy though as she will be grown before you know it. I love you so much and I hope the hand isn't getting arthritis as you are too young. Looking forward to seeing you in July. Hugs and kisses

  5. I am happy you blogged but I assume you didn't mean me. :) My phone got laundered so i have a new number. Please call me bcs I don't have yours now. 8019606144

  6. yay!! I love your blogs. I can't complain because I am always behind in blogging myeself. That is so cute about Gracie and the badges. She is soooooo beautiful in that pic of her ballet costume. I felt like she was truly in fairy land. That story about the boy at disneyland was hilarious. Aliese is right on schedule, you and I were both 14 before we go "boy crazy"! It was even funnier to hear that Gracie didn't know who you were all talking about! I think it is so funny how he worked his way over to your girls. They are gorgeous! Well, I had to pay a few of my girls to get their licenses. If she drags her feet that is always an option! :-) love you!! excited to see you in a few days!!