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Monday, February 20, 2012

School Pictures

Good old Lizzie took these in her driveway.  Now her driveway is more beautiful than most, but she could take good pictures at a garbage dump, at least if my girls were the subject.  

Aliese Leslie Age 14

Anna, Gracie, Aliese, the 3 Beauties

Grace Leslie Age 6, almost 7

Tanner and Gracie, best buds

Anna Leslie Age 10

Us in hearts, because Lizzie is cool and can do stuff like that.


  1. love them so cute! wish I could have seen you this trip, but it just didn't work out. love you!

  2. I love the hearts at the end. I would totally print that and put it up. I love the pics. That's so nice she's there to take them. The one time I got a shoot from her it was SO WINDY too. Aliese looks way too old. Why do they keep getting older? Anna is too old too. I think Aliese looks her age, and Anna looks older for her age. For some reason, I am comfortable with Gracie's age. I've always thought Aliese was your twin until these pics and I see some Darin in her. That was unexpected. Thanks for not forgetting to post! Love you!

  3. CUTE! She did such a good job as usual, and your girls are so gorgeous and cute. Love them! Love you!

  4. The girls are growing up too fast!!!! I love the pictures, Lizzie does wonderful work, with the beautiful subjects. Love them and you and Lizzie so much. Hugs and Kisses to all

  5. Wow! Beautiful pics of beautiful girls!! love you all so much and miss you!

  6. I just want to let you know you posted this on Feb. 20th. Meaning, it's high time for you to post again! It is March 26th. I'm ready. Love you!